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It appears like you have an current roof with tile roofing. I'm guessing that you happen to be producing from Europe. It appears like the insulation contains "restricted-fitting wood fibre board" between your rafters -- thickness and R-benefit aren't specified.

Can I get some a lot more commentary on the "whole roof" of Ice & Water Protect? I do think this experienced incredibly little to complete with the failure. The rationale why I inquire is I've an analogous "total roof" design and style arising, HOWEVER, the rafter bays are all straight runs with soffit vents, continuous vent baffles (1/two" plywood) and steady ridge vent. Dense pack cellulose, 2" XPS underneath 2x10's, air tight drywall (XPS can be sealed up as well).

I have a fifty yr-previous seasonal cottage within a northern local climate. The straightforward 6/12 gable roof is made up of precise 2x6 rafters (24" oc), sheathed with 1/two" plywood and lined with asphalt shingles. There isn't any insulation within the ceiling and I think little to no powerful insulation in the 2x4 walls. In the summer the heat gain within would make residing Practically unbearable. I believe that the biggest bang for that buck could well be to address the ceiling insulation challenge very first, but would like to preserve the interior look.

I previously sprayed and Slice cobbled 4 inch of closed cell. I'll redo the roof upcoming year, but I assume now it is too late to Assume about eps/iso in addition to roof considering the fact that i already unvented the attic.

You're describing a cathedral ceiling that incorporates all feasible mistakes. There was no notice to air sealing. The worst attainable insulation was utilised (fiberglass). As well as roof assembly is unvented. So it can be no shock that you are seeing condensation.

Builders resolve this issue by furring down or scabbing on supplemental framing down below the rafters to deepen the rafter bays. Yet another system is to add a layer of cross-hatched 2x4s, 16 inches on Heart, put in beneath the rafters."

I've plenty of walls to re-insulate, and once the roof is find out here now dealt with I am going to have rafter bays to insulate, and It could be handy to get some Perception into which type of fiberglass provides you with what gain for its cost.

In order to generate an unvented insulated roof assembly, you most likely don't want to disturb the tile roofing. That signifies that quite possibly the most Recommended Site acceptable insulation could be spray polyurethane foam. Of course, the existing insulation should be taken out ahead of you put in the spray foam.

It truly is considerably more important to possess an interior helpful site air barrier than an interior vapor retarder. Make certain that you might have made a superb air barrier by sealing all penetrations and cracks.

We experienced a Zip Roof set up along with a metallic Roof positioned over it. The roof assembly isn't vented and taped all around the soffits. Preferably I'd want to pack the entire cavity with blown cellulose. This string of conversations is giving me pause for assumed.

"Once you have mounted the code-mandated thickness of rigid foam higher than your roof sheathing, you’re free to set up just as much fluffy stuff as you'd like among the rafters."

I've built dense-packed unventilated roof assemblies numerous times without difficulty. Needless to say I have not torn into them either. I want to see more examples of failures in these kinds of assemblies when they're around.

I haven't got experience setting up from the Carribbean or creating steel structures, so I'm not the best human being to comment. But here are some reflections:

Q. "I are already using rigid breadboard design expanded polystyrene inside the rim joists and assumed precisely the same could possibly be put under the sheathing concerning the rafter bays."

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